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Noto Font Theme And Plugin For WordPress

2019-06-09 | Works | WordPress

Many of WordPress themes are designed for western languages and they often look awkward when being applied to some of asian languages such as Japanese. I hoped there was a theme with Noto Font which aims to display all languages beautifully with the same typeface. So I created one myself: Noto Simple.

I setup the demo here.

At first the theme was loading latin and Japanese charset fonts. But soon after submitting I wanted it to load appropriate fonts respectively at least for Chinese and Korean languages, too. They are the asian languages Noto Font already has its subset ready on Google Font directory.

So I developed a plugin for that: Noto Font Loader. With this plugin you can use Noto font with any themes. And I made Noto Simple theme to load only latin subset by default, it now requires Noto Font Loader to display the asian languages. Yes, the theme doesn't fulfill its original purpose anymore..:P

Here's the list of links:

Noto Simple (WordPress Theme)

Noto Font Loader (WordPress Plugin)