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Jekyll Debut

2019-09-16 | Updates

I refurbished my main website with Jekyll + GitHub Pages. I preferred static pages to keep it simple, but didn't want to write the same code again and again (like header and footer etc.). Jekyll came in handy for the case.

I used Getform for contact form destination. Other options are kindly listed here. I was looking for an endpoint service, not the embedding type form. The reason I picked Getform is its clean UI and plain documentation. Setup was very easy and quick. I just hope I could customise the default thank you page so that I can translate it for my Japanese form (you can use custom URL as thank you page in paid plan).

There are some Jekyll plugins you can add to the site. Pity that a plugin to minify source files is not included in the list. It seems the plugins you can add to a GitHub Pages site are very limited and I'm still looking for a way to minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript on production build.

I didn't use any Jekyll theme. I simply wrote template HTML files that load contents written in Markdown files. Hope it's alright.